Snowflake Goes to Hollywood – A timeless tale of two girls and a pig.

BookCoverImageYou won’t want to miss this one!

Karen Webber’s new soon to be classic tale of two girls and a pig has both the young and the young at heart smiling. Based on a true story, Snowflake Goes to Hollywood is a coming of age story that will make you laugh and leave you with a long lasting smile.

Destined to become a best seller, Snowflake Goes to Hollywood is one of the best new children’s stories in years.


It’s the perfect story for any person interested in farm life, 4-H Clubs or 4-H  Camps. Get your copy now! 

Nirvana Falls, by Jim Veary

Jim Veary

BookCoverImageNirvana Falls – and Other Twisted Tales  

Grab your favorite beverage and get ready to enjoy this outstanding first book from Jim Veary, one of 2017’s most promising new authors. There is something for everyone in Nirvana Falls and Other Twisted Tales. His wide variety of short stories form a jungle of genres ranging from humor to science fiction and from suspense to horror. Veary creates captivating stories that feature eloquent writing, believable characters, and an articulate and witty style that keeps readers returning again and again.
Featuring the title story, “Nirvana Falls” in addition to “Desperate Hero”, “Clowns”, and many others.


Character Hazel Holtein Comes To Life

Paul L. Bailey’s character, Hazel Holtein from his new novel, “Miracle Giver” comes to life for a photo shoot in preparation for the creation of a book trailer.

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