Under Clementine Ridge and other Western Stories  


Under Clementine Ridge  
and other Western Stories  
by Robert Pepper 
These are a few of my edgier western stories. The good guys are good, and the bad guys are really bad. Sometimes the point of view, as in the short story Buck, will surprise you.  
The Return of Juan Bautista, Jacob’s Crossing, and of course, Ghost, are westerns with supernatural overtones. The Return… is about a retired bandido who has been asked by his lost but not forgotten love to return her to her home for burial. Jacob’s Crossing is about a family stranded in a snow storm in 1880, and their unexpected help in finding their way out. Ghost is about a ghost who won’t let go of the man she loves.  
And then, there are other stories that I hope you, Dear Reader, will find entertaining, such as Pegg’s Plight, Hell Followed with Him, and The Tin Box.