Down to Parral: and short Stories

This is Robert Peppers Second Book :

Down To Parral – and other Short Stories Dear Reader, Why should you read short stories? Novels are great, but don’t stop reading because you don’t have time for a novel. The short stories in this book offer rich characterization, plot, and emotion. This book features four short stories that follow the early adventures of Secret Service agent, Booth Macks. The stories flow from Tough Guy, which takes place in the year 1920, to Serpent Queen, The Killing Klan, and ends with, The Dam Murderers, which happens in 1935. In the Shadows is a story about a ghost who doesn’t know he’s dead. Getting Out deals with a brutal sheriff. The Cowboy and The Princess is a fictionalized story based on an actual event. Down to Parral may be the most interesting and bizarre story you’ve ever read. So, go ahead. Read some short stories. Read some great short stories. Like the one’s in this book. Read until your eyes fall out of your head, and then have someone read to you. Read. Read. Read. Robert Pepper