About Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point Of View
Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity & Space-Time Continuum explained

Did you ever wonder if there was another person in some place or time who was your twin or mirror image? Science fiction writers love to inject this premise in many of their works, but the reality is that this is not fiction. WE ARE CONNECTED! Your energy and everyone else’s energy is linked throughout this and all other universes in time and space.

Through a range of anecdotes and statistical evidence, Dr. Margaret, like a seasoned tour leader, takes you on a journey of your mind, body, and spirit through the vast linked relationships among all forms of creation. From the quantum depths of the subatomic worlds to the endless reaches of intergalactic space, she binds you to all that is in a comprehensive study of the Oneness and the interconnectedness of everything in it.

Unlike so many other philosophical and erudite works on Cosmology and Histology, this work slides you along easily in plain talk and down to earth examples, making you feel like this information was already within you… and it was. It just takes a little nudge to bring it into your conscious awareness. Enjoy!