Children and Young Adult

Authored by Karen Webber
Snowflake Goes to Hollywood

This soon to be classic tale of two girls and a pig is certain to entertain both the young and the young at heart.

Based on a true story, Snowflake Goes to Hollywood is a coming of age story that will make you laugh and leave you with a long lasting smile.

One of the best new children’s stories in years, Snowflake Goes to Hollywood is the perfect story for any person interested in farm life, 4-H Clubs or 4-H  Camps.

Snowflake Goes to Hollywood is destined to become one of your families favorite stories for years to come.

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Legends of Townsend Manor – Prelude to War 
by Karen Webber – author of Snowflake Goes to Hollywood  
Snowflake is back! She is now the Queen of Townsend Manor. Her son, Prince Headlight, must deal with the ruthless Prince William, of Leeds.  
This wonderful children’s story will warm your heart and entertain your children.


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Authored by Judith Metzger

“Dark Wood Island”

Dark Wood Island is a delightful, thought provoking, imaginative story filled with courage, humor, and destiny. Wonderful animal characters come to life to gently teach the values of strength, friendship, and love. This heartwarming tale will be enjoyed by adolescents and the young at heart.

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Authored by Beverly E. Dyer-Groves 

I Am What I Am

This wonderful book of poems for elementary school children is funny, informative, and educational. Along with the full color photographs and illustrations, it’s a great book to enhance the happiness of children’s lives at home.

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Authored By Judith M. Beadle 

 “Do Tell”
“Do Tell” comes from the heart and passion of author Judith M. Beadle to encourage and empower children to tell someone they trust if anyone attempts to harm the child.

Illustrated by Shannon Wirrenga


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