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Authored By Murray Ireland M.S.W. 

What Prison Do You Live In?

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is about asking questions. Questions like How did I become who I am?
Am I happy being me?
Did I have a choice in becoming the person I am?
What were the forces that made me like I am?”
Do I want to change?

Will the answers to the above questions cause pain?
If the answer is yes, do I still want to change?

How can psychotherapy help me?

One can learn how you became the person you are. You can learn whether you have a choice. You can learn why you are unhappy and what to do to fix your unhappiness.

What would happen to me if I don’t seek or want psychotherapy?

Life is a struggle, but your struggle will be worse because you have no idea of what happened to you as a baby or a child. You will remain unaware of deep feelings and you will repeat parts of your struggle over and over.

What will you’ll gain from psychotherapy?

Life can turn you into a version of yourself that you didn’t choose. We all have rules about ourselves and our behavior. Yet, we seldom understand the “why” behind these rules.
When you begin to understand who you are, the anger you may feel towards yourself can begin to change. Much of our behavior is outside of your awareness, therefore psychotherapy can bring these concepts to the forefront of your mind.

Assuming I do all of the above things, what would my life look like?

Life will still be hard, but you will not repeat your trauma over and over. You will feel gratitude for your days on Earth. Intention brings things into your life. Gratitude comes from all of the things we did not intend.
Your sense of personal virtue will fade away. You will not just grow older, but grow up. You will understand the choices you have made and obtain the opportunity to make your own choice

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Authored by Lawrence “Alan” Ward 

A Grumpy Old Man – On Education 

“There is no greater mistake than the hasty conclusion that opinions are worthless because they are badly argued.” – Thomas Huxley








Authored by Larry Chase

Positive Self Talk 

The importance of positive self-talk is presented by L.D. Chase, Ph.D. Dr. Chase explains the topic with a marvelous combination of humor, actual case studies, and the help of his “friend” Bart, the donkey.