Authored by Dianna Hatfield Clemenson

Witness To Violence  A Hatfield Family Story 

Violence in the Hatfield family continued long after the feud with the McCoys. Dianna Hatfield Clemenson, daughter of Paul Hatfield, takes the reader into her violent childhood homes. She not only tells of extreme physical abuse and the effect it had on her mother and sister, she also shares her own struggles in a world of neglect and abuse.

Witness to Violence is a true story of how perseverance, kind strangers, and faith can combine to make survival possible.

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Authored by Ray Holm and Dawn Herrell-Holm 

 Range of Reality

Do you believe in UFO’s or Extraterrestrial Beings? Ray Holm didn’t believe until he began experiencing the feeling of a ghostly presence nearby. One day the presence turned into a “Voice” and the voice revealed that Ray was chosen to perform a mission. The voice told Ray that his mission would be revealed after specific events occurred. Soon the events began to happen and Ray was urged to drive to Nevada for a face-to-face meeting with an Alien where he would learn why he was chosen.





Dawn Herrell-Holm and Ray Holm

Night of the Sexual Predator

A woman is attacked, abused and left as powerless until she takes her attackers to court.








Authored by Marji Stamm Kilb 

Twenty-Nine Years in the Passenger Seat

Join the fun while mother and daughter travel cliff-hanging drives through rugged canyons and miles of hiking to find the Great Gallery and the artwork of the ancients.







Authored by Ariel Anne

Changed Forever

If you are open to reading something unlike you’ve ever read before, you won’t want to miss “Changed Forever.” In this one-of-a-kind autobiography, Ariel Anne opens up her life to you, dear reader. She will share the true story of the single experience that changed her life forever, but she won’t stop there. Instead, though the pages of this book, she’ll invite you to join her in her travels to interesting places all across the globe and to meet fascinating people, amazing animals, and much more. Her stories are completely true, deeply meaningful, and genuinely spiritual. By the time you finish this quick, but insightful read, your life may also be Changed Forever.

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