History and Historical Fiction

Authored by Alvin F. Borchert

Air Rescue Behind Enemy Lines

This memoir follows the true story of World War II Army Sergeant, Alvin F. Borchert, as his plane goes down behind enemy lines.





Authored by Dell Allen

Bullets and Bandages

Del Allen served as a Hospital Corpsman with Alpha Company, First Battalion, 7th Marine regiment, 1st Marine Division, during the Viet Nam Conflict.
His well-told first-hand account and accompanying photographs take the reader right into the day-to-day action of the time.

If you like non-fiction, history, or war stories, you’ll love this book.



Authored by  Dell Allen 

The Price of Betrayal

“What’s your name son?”
“Tommy. Tommy Justice.”Tommy became an orphan by tragically losing his mother and father. He then was claimed by his mother’s sister and husband. Not because they cared about him. On the contrary, the monthly check was too good ignore. All the while being exposed to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.
His desperate attempts to escape only results in more abuse and difficulty maintaining any normal human relationship.


Authored by A.E. Connors

Willoughby – The Story of an Empire’s Greatest Shame

This is a story of courage, love and tragedy. Never will you forget the fictitious town of Willoughby, the wonderful people who lived there… or a man called John Reynolds and the women who loved him.

In the trenches of France, during WW1, Australian soldier John Reynolds makes a suicidal attempt to save the life of British Army officer James Mannington.

Little did John Reynolds realize that his single act of courage would change the lives of so many and take him on a journey halfway around the world to find his son and expose England’s greatest shame.

Until as recently as the late 1960’s, approximately 150,000 British children were shipped to Australia, Canada and other parts of the British Colonies. The result provided homes for unwanted children, replenished those colonies with British citizens and provided a workforce… of children.




Authored by Marji Stamm Kilb.

Based on a true story.

 Once A Butterfly

Margaret Rose was a lovely young woman, an investment banker by day, and flapper by night. She was the life of the party until she meant the man of her dreams. What caused her downfall?