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Child of the Wilderness: The Trials”

Life is hard for Jimmy Lee Shannon. After running away from home at age ten, he spends more than 5 years living alone with his wolf, named Bear.

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“Child of the Wilderness: Return to Shannon’s Valley

Adjusting to city life was no easy task for Jimmy Shannon he knew no one and had no friends. Since he had missed five years of schooling it was hard for his dad to get him enrolled until he was able to Frank hired a tutor to teach Jimmy some of the things he needed to know. When he was enrolled he had no problems, the other kids knew who he was and stayed shy of him except for Teresa Newbury. She liked him from the start and was the one who started talking to him. She showed him where the classes were, during the next few months Jimmy grew very fond of her…

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“Child of the Wilderness: A Wilderness Honeymoon” 

Jimmy and Teresa had been married a little more than a year but hadn’t been able to go on a honeymoon they were new at their jobs so they decided to wait till they got their first vacation. Jimmy wanted to take Teresa to visit his Lakota friends then go up to his valley and show her how beautiful it was, Teresa thought that was a bad idea as did his Indian friends they said it was too dangerous. 
The other reason was to bring back the horse they gave him so for this reason Teresa gave in and said she would go up to his valley. It would take two days to hike up the mountain, the first night of camping out a rain storm blew in and it was a down pour, the water rushed down off the mountain and they had to run for their lives. 
The afternoon of the second day they reached his valley, Teresa commented on how beautiful it was, as they walked to where they would set up camp he pointed out different things, they were quite a ways from the tree line as they walked by the cave where he used to live he saw several wolves in the trees staring at them so now he knew they saw them. He had hoped he would be able to get Teresa out of there before they came snooping around but that didn’t happen.

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Silent Justice

The many murders in the San Diego area have stumped Lieutenant Nick January. He is an experienced detective and most of his cases are solved in a matter of months.
Now he faces a case like no other. There are no witnesses or physical evidence at the scene of the crime.
During three years of investigation on the crime, Nick learns that the shots came from a mile away.
When the crime is officially declared a cold case, January and his captain, Abigail Williams, work together to solve it until the unexpected happened.

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The Two Rings” 

This is a story about four rings, they are just plain gold wedding bands but held sacred by Eva Collins. She met the love of her life Marty Atkins in nineteen thirty three they were married in nineteen thirty five. During the years of their marriage she tried to keep track of how many times the rings parted and came back together. When they got married they picked out two rings just thin bands of gold, when their oldest son got married they gave the rings to them.

A short time later they bought two more rings, they were wider and like the others just plain gold bands only hers had a small diamond. In later years Marty passed away, a few years after that their youngest son got married, she wanted his wife to have her ring. Her son drove a truck for a living and was gone those many years except for time off. The rings parted and came together as he came and went, their marriage lasted almost ten years, when it was over she wanted her ring back and prayed he would get it for her.

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“The Last Train To Nowhere “

Lieutenant James Sharp and Officer Hannah Greeley were given an assignment to escort a female prisoner named Michelle Reynolds from Davenport, Iowa to Tampa, Florida. They were given a free passage on an old train from back in the late thirties or early forties. Their assignment was to take her there and turn her over to the local police.  
Michelle insisted she was innocent of the charge of assaulting a woman and beating her up bad enough to put her in the hospital. On the way to Florida on that old train Michelle managed to get free and jump off the train. Now it’s up to Jim and Hannah to find her and complete their assignment.

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“In the Dead of Winter “

PLEASE NOTE: At the author’s request this book is published without professional editing.  
Handsome young Cody Masterson couldn’t find work in Portland Maine. His best friend, Danny Holliday, called and told Cody about a job in Denver. If Cody accepted the job, he’d have to relocate.  
A few days later Cody was driving to Denver.  
Cody computer skills soon earned him a promotion.  
A year later Cody flew home for the Christmas holidays. On the short hop between New York and Portland, Maine, the plane lost both engines and crashed atop a mountain. 
Cody was thrown several hundred yards further down the mountain where he spent the night, the next morning he tried to walk out and was almost frozen to death when he was found.

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